the third dimension – project 2014

this will happen somewhen in may 2014 – with the help of gerhard wiesbeck (time travelling tattoo) and freak mike and basti (psyland) i will make a piece finally over a mandala of 10 peoples….

also this side get updatet now and will be redone in a few weeks…..



somewhere in middle of italy in a private living room. 4 peoples and a totaly of around 32 hours of tatuing over 4 days on two working spaces.
this was in a way killing me, but in another way shows me what is posibly. when i started a few years ago with my first double piece i was just dreaming of making a tatu in a size like this. without much compromises at all. mille gracias gazzooosss. many thanks to all you 4 and to all other pieces who made me walk mor ethan once over my boarders of dreams and reality…..




psyland. the home of my new galery is growing fast. i give apointtments now in my new place…

new adress is in 78250 tengen

more infos soon


new site launched!

welcome to the new site. enjoy!

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little swastika – paintings 2005-2009 – out now

108 pages with painting and flashes. print black and red on high quality heavy paper.

in this book you can see my progresion of art over the past. starts from traditional polynesia goes over modern blackwork to dotwork and and and. a lot of inspiration for all tattoist who into this kind of work and a nice piece of art for everyone…..

first edition limited on 108 pieces, everyone is numberd, handsigned and stamped.

price is 108 euro – worldwide shipping free.

to order a book writte a email to me over the contact.

to see more pictures just use the links

pic 1   pic 2   pic 3   pic 4   pic 5   pic 6   pic 7






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