kritzel krazel exhibition

this week. in konstanz at the bodensee.

grosser saal – neuwerk, hold the biggest exhibition i ever done. for anyone who ever wanted a original piece, this is a good posibility as there will be no gallery procents add on top.

the tibetan artshow

first exhibition in the USA.

opening at the 24 april 2015 at 8 pm at evolve seattle



the amenra project

the third dimension

finally i give some pictures to the press and you have the chance to see pictures the next month. for everybody who would like to have a big size high quality print and support projects like this, you can order a print on my webshop.

books out now

ask your local bookshop to order or amazon

amazon books

my tibetan artbook i worked on the last 5 years. and the sketchbook is a smaller version of my book of paintings from 2005-2009.


webshop online

10% of everything up to end of august. just use code SWASTIKA and order easy and fast over our new webshop.

more coming soon.

art show / exhibition


tibetan art book

after 5 years of painting and working on my first book it comes finally to an end. the next month the finall book will get corected and some small last change in layout and stuff. it will get published after the summer. the label who publish it will also made a second edition of my sketch book. more infos about all will following soon….

finally new t-shirts

for t-shirt ordering please writte to shipping worldwide . and here the shipping prices.

1 shirt = 2 €, 2-3 shirt = 3 €, 4-6 shirts 4,50 €
1 shirt = 4 €, 2-4 shirt = 7,50 €

(for ordering more the shiping cost get more expensive, specialy for worldwide shipping, so in that case just writte and we figure out how much the shipping is)
all shirts with back and front print and usually in sizes M and L.
high quality shirts includet some stickers


in sizes M and L.     20€


NAUSEOUS batik – green – brown
in sizes S and M.     25€

all t-shirt in that colours are original labeled with size M and L but from the salts and colouring they was shrinking one size.
the nauseous shirt is hand tight up and batik dyeing by my wife in brown and green, so every shirt is kind of unique.


in sizes M and L.     20€

the original i made 2006 dedicated to manwomen and with a changed version of a design by him done in 1986. we still have some left and problably will do some new once soon.


for order please to

all t-shirt orders get done by my wife so please writte in english as she speaks no german.
all shipping prices you find on top. when you order please writte in what you want in what size and in wich country it needs to get shipped.

for all our customers you can get the t-shirts easy in my gallery and 5 euro cheaper than when you order.

to get informed when new shirts or stuff happens sign in the newsletter on the bottom

luna cobra guestspot

howie – luna cobra to guest in january

for all germans who intrested in eyeball tatus – this is your top adress and the most experienced guy for a job like this. he have invent this and more experience with it than anyone else.
after seeing so much shity eyeball tatus over the last year, big blow outs under the eyes from wrong done procedure.
he was also the only one who i lett on my eyes.
so when your intrested especialy in eyeball tatus or also any other modification check his webside and get in contact with him.

he will be here from 3-8 of january and work on psyland.
as he is from australia he is not so much around germany…

please writte direct to him over his webside or facebook (luna cobra) when you want have some work here.